Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ryleigh's Favorites

I copied this from Sarah's blog....

Color: Pink
Food: Turkey (this is what she said) But she also really likes sausage, corn on the cob, peas and mac n cheese
Fruit: Oranges
Vegetable: Peas
Breakfast Food: Waffles ( Also sausage)
Drink: Root Beer (she really doesnt drink it that much, but everywhere we go to eat she asks for it, places just rarely have it)
TV Show: Dora
Movie: Dora
Book: Bible (not kidding, that is really what she said)
Toy: Dora toy
Shirt: Pink one (who knows which one this is)
Ice Cream: Vanilla
Cookie: Brown (not sure what cookie this is)
Snack: Fruit snacks
Season: Hot
Animal: Froggy (hmmm, I would never have guessed that one for her)
Stuffed Animal: Froggy (she must be on a froggy kick)
Singer: Jesus love Me (that is what she said) But her favorite singer would be Elvis
Thing to do outside: swing
Sport: racing
Thing to do with Mommy: Run with me... hmmm, not sure that will happening anytime soon. lol
Thing to do with Daddy: Sing with daddy.... to Elvis of course!

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