Monday, January 19, 2009

Our Newest Addition

Meet Ellie (Ellie Von Elderhaus). She is the newest addition to the Wilson Family. She is a 4 year old German Shepherd. We just got her yesterday. She is a really good dog and so calm. She isn't house trained, but so far it has been really easy. She hasn't had an accident and goes to the door when she needs out. She is still adjusting, so she stays to herself for the most part. She is so gentle and calm with Ryleigh (which is a change for us). Ryleigh is still adjusting to her too. She is a little scared of her. She really likes her and wants to pet her and play with her, but she gets a little scared. This morning she did much better and was giving her kisses and letting Ellie lick her hands. It's such a huge difference from a 10 pound Jack Russel to a an 80 pound German Shepherd, I would be scared too if I were Ryleigh! ;) She slept in her crate last night without any problems at all and was more than willing to go in there this morning when I left for work. I think she is going to fit good into our family. Tom is very happy that he finally got a German Shepherd! She is a little smelly, so we are hoping to get her groomed this week. Check out the slide show to see pictures of her.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Ryleigh!

Ryleigh turned 2 years old on January 6. It's so hard to believe that she is already 2 years old!!! She sure has been the highlight of our lives though and she has made these past 2 years so incredibly special to us. It has been a joy to watch her grow over the past two years. We are VERY proud of her.

For her birthday, we took her to the Magic House and out to eat to Red Lobster (I think that was more for daddy though). However, we discovered that she likes shrimp. She had a good day, she was crabby, but we decided that turning 2 has been rough on her because she has been crabby everyday since. ;)

On Saturday, January 10, we had a birthday party for her (a princess party). She had a blast and got a lot of cool gifts. Thank you to all of those who came!

Click on the slide show to see pictures of her actual birthday, the Magic House and her birthday party.

Playing with Mimi

This is a really cute video of Ryleigh and Mimi on Christmas day playing in Ryleigh's Princess castle.

Ryleigh can get it on!!

Dancing (especially to Elvis) is one Ryleigh's favorite things to do. Here is a really short clip of her dancing. As soon as she spots me, she stops and walks away.

Christmas with Tommy and Logan

The day after Christmas, Tommy and Logan came up to visit us for Christmas. Logan gave Ryleigh a Princess Tea Set, which she loves!! Logan seemed to like all of her presents as well. They stayed the night and hung out with us before going home the next day. We enjoyed their visit very much. And Ryleigh enjoyed hanging out with Tommy's pitbull. Click below to see a few pictures that were taken.

Christmas Day

Christmas was so much fun with Ryleigh. This was her second Christmas and she understood the whole unwrapping presents this year. The night before she had left Santa some cookies, milk and a picture that she drew for him. When she woke up, she saw that Santa had finished almost all of his cookies and his milk (what cookie was left Ryleigh finished for him) and he left her a letter. She went straight for the presents and the kitchen set. She spent the morning opening her gifts and playing with them all. And of course she loved her stocking with all the chocolate in it!! Some of her favorite things that she received were the kicthen set and all the dishes, her baby dolls, the baby stroller, her new outfits (she loves getting new clothes and shoes), her princess castle and much more!! All of her toys have been a big hit so far. We spent the morning playing with her and having breakfast. Papa came by for a visit and Ryleigh gave him is presents. She also showed him everything that Santa had brought her. Later in the day, Mimi came by for a visit. Her and Ryleigh played for a long time and had a lot of fun in the Princess castle. That evening we had a turkey dinner (my first turkey ever!!). Tom said it tasted pretty good, I'll take his word for it. The day was wonderful and Ryleigh really had a good Christmas. We loved the time we spent with her and watching her open all of her gifts. Click below for a slideshow of the pictures of her opening her gifts, papa and mimi's visit and a few misc of Ryleigh that day and the next day.

Playing with her toys

We got home late from Mimi's house on Christmas Eve, but that didn't stop her from taking a few minutes to play with all of her new toys that she has just received. Click below for a short slide show.

Christmas Eve

We all went to Mimi's on Christmas Eve... Tim, Christa, Dennis, Dean, Devan, Matt, Sarah, Andrew, Gabriella, Tom, Me and Ryleigh all were there. We started the evening with some really yummy food and then we all went to church. After church we came back to Mimi's house for cookies and coffee and present time!!!! Right before present time, Santa made his visit. We spent the rest of the evening opening gifts and hanging out. We all had a wonderful time and the kids had a blast playing together. Ryleigh got some really cool stuff too!! She got a Little Mermaid table and chairs (which is used daily), an art easel, a baby bathtub (she takes great care of her babies), art stuff from Mimi A barbie and a set of My Little Pony flash cards from Matt, Sarah, Andrew and Ella. A My Little Pony toothbrush set and a Tinkerbell musical toy from Tim, Christa and the kids. She had so much fun opening up her gifts and loved all of them.

Click for slide show

Santa's Visit

Santa (papa) made a stop by Mimi's house on Christmas Eve. The kids loved it and thought it was so cool. Well, not Ryleigh so much. She is very afraid of Santa. When Santa made his entrance through the back door, Ryleigh let out a horrible scream and started crying. She eventually calmed down, but never took her eye off of Santa. She wanted to know where he was at all times. Santa brought some really cool gifts, even for the adults. Ryleigh got a really cool baby doll. She loves the baby doll and tells everyone it is from Santa. Santa's visit turned out well and we were all so glad that he stopped by.

Click for a slideshow

Catching up

I have a lot of catching up to do!! Since my last post, we have had Christmas and Ryleigh's 2nd birthday. I will be posting all about Christmas and her birthday over the next day or two, so come back and see how her holidays were!!!!