Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Pictures

We had our Christmas pictures taken a couple of weeks ago. Ryleigh did WONDERFUL!!! We were so proud of her. She HATES getting her pictures taken and it's usually pretty stressful. Daddy came with us this time because we were getting family pictures taken and he made her laugh for every picture. They turned out so cute!! Click for the slide show of the different poses.

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Here a few pictures of us decorating it. The kids put lots of candy canes on it. Ryleigh loves that part, I think she has probably eaten most of them by now (or stuck them to something, I find them everywhere).

Cutting the Christmas Tree

A little late posting....

This year we got a REAL Christmas tree. We went last Sunday (the 30th) to Scheer's Tree Farm to get our tree. We wanted to make sure that Logan was able to be there, so we did it the weekend she came up. It was snowy, muddy and cold, so we hurried. When we got it home, it wasn't as full as we thought it was, but that is ok, it's still pretty. Logan, Ryleigh and I all decorated it. Here a couple of pictures of us getting the tree.