Friday, February 5, 2010

Birthdays and more Birthdays!

January is over, which means we survived two birthdays and birthday parties!!! It makes for a busy month when both of your children have birthdays in the same month!! Thank goodness this baby will be an August baby!
Ryleigh's birthday was January 6th, she turned 3 years old! It's hard to believe that my baby is 3 years old already. She had a wonderful birthday and really got into this year! The morning of her birthday she opened up a couple presents. When she woke up that morning and realized that it was her birthday she was so excited, she had really been anticipating it! She requested to open presents in bed. Gotta love that girl!
She also had a special shirt (Birthday Girl shirt) and birthday pin to wear to daycare that day.
That evening when daddy got home, we had a chocolate chip cookie cake for her. You have to ignore the candles, it was all I had.

Then she got to open two more presents and spend the rest of the evening playing. She really enjoyed them! She got a basketball goal and Lite Brite.
Her Mickey Mouse birthday party was the following Sunday. She had a blast! We has a few snacks and visited for awhile.

Then she did her cake... a Mickey Mouse cake made by Mimi... it was so cute!!!!

Then she opened her presents... of course the favorite part to a child! ( I had a picture here, but deleted it on accident and I dont feel like uploading it again and trying to get it down here. Most of yoiu saw it on FB anyway)

Madison's first birthday was January 29. This past year has went by so fast, but it has been amazing. We got Madison a Cozy Coupe car because they are always fighting over Ryleigh's. We put it together the night before and put some balloons on it. The next morning I took her out to the livingroom to show her and I thought she was so excited... but it was the balloons that she was so excited about.

That evening when daddy got home, we let her open a present... her birthday bear from Build-A-Bear. It was a big hit!

Her birthday party was the next day. She had a Winnie the Pooh theme. She had a special "First Birthday" dress to wear, the same dress Ryleigh wore on her first birthday too!

Mimi made her cake! And it was so cute!

And of course Madison enjoyed every single bite of hers!!!

She was so cute when we sang to her, she put her hand up like she was pointing to herself like
"this is for me!". It was so cute. Then when we all clapped at the end, she giggled.
She wasn't really into opening her presents, although she did get excited when I put them all on the ground.

All in all, the birthday parties were a success and the girls had a blast!!!!

And now my babies are one and three years old!! I have a toddler and a preschooler!

My Baby Bump

This is for those of you who are not on FB.... this is my first baby bump picture with baby 3#.

Doctor appointments....

Tuesday was a busy day for us with dr appts.

The girls had their one year and three year check ups. They both did wonderful and are growing like weeds!!

Ryleigh is 37.5 inches (50%) and 28.5 pounds (25%). She is really getting tall!!! She had one shot and didnt even cry. Infact, she laughed.... she had no idea what it was though. The nurse told her to look out the window and see if she could find her car, so she didn't even see the nurse do it. She jumped and you could tell it hurt, but she laughed a nervous laugh instead. Other than that, she is doing great! She did say that the rash on her butt looks like it could be bacterial which is why I haven't been able to get it to go away, so she prescribed some cream. It looks like it might be getting better, if doesnt clear up over the weekend she is going to try some oral medicine for her. She also said that her tubes are about to fall apart. Neither are in the ear drums anymore. I was a little surprised to hear that they were already coming out. She has only had them 15 months. I just pray that the ear infections stay away. She had so many of them of before the tubes and not a single one since having the tubes. So I guess we will see what happens.

Madison is 28.5 inches (25%)... I personally don't think she is this tall ( I measure my kids to keep track and I didnt come up with this measurement at all) . She is also 18 pounds (5%). She had 3 shots.... it didn't go over well with her or daddy... that was the first time he went to an appt with shots. That was about all with her appointment... she is doing wonderful!!!

Tom also had an appt that day... his not so good! So we are working on getting him healthy. He has to stop smoking, change his eating habits and lose 30 pounds. He is doing really good so far, we are very proud of him. He has some meds to help with the smoking and finally got a prescription for the heartburn. He has to have some bloodwork done for cholestrol and such... doing that next week. So he is on his way to great health! ;)

I have my next prenatal visit Thursday!! YAY! I should get to hear the heartbeat on the doppler. Moving right into my 2nd trimester next week!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

You and me got some hair!!

Quick funny story... when I brought up this blog, Ryleigh was standing next to me and she says "There is me, I am holding Madison!" And pointed to the picture that I have at the top. I said "Yes you are. Chubby Madison with no hair." Ryleigh says, "Yea, you and me got hair. But daddy, papa and Madison don't have hair!!" It was so funny and she didnt even have to think about it, the thought was so quick!