Thursday, December 31, 2009

From the mouth of Ryleigh

I could write an entire book on just the things that Ryleigh says.... sometimes I really wonder where she can even come up with some of the stories that she tells. I have to share this one before I forget....

The other day we were in the car and just out of the blue she says to me. "Mommy I getting big" And said, "Yes, you are." She says, "Yes, I getting big and my hair is going to grow up when I get big!" All I could do was laugh.... I have no idea what is going through that cute little head of hers when she says these things, but they always make me laugh. It's one of my favorite things about her... she is my little story teller!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Madison has a new word that she started saying today... when she is done eating, I always say "Are you done?" And today when I said it, she repeated "done" and said it couple of other times today when she was done. It is so cute.

She is also starting to walk more. It took her a long time just to get her "first step" down. She just took her first step about a week ago and now she is walking a few steps at a time. She will stand up on her own and start walking or walk away and let go of what she was holding on to and just start walking. Her steps are still just a few at a time, she doesn't make it far before falling, but she is doing great learning it all.

She has learned how to get up and down off the toddler bed like a champ. She has always been a climber but when she first started being able to climb onto the bed, she couldn't get off, now she can.

And she finally has her first two teeth!!! (the bottom two, they came in at the exact same time) They came in a couple of weeks ago, but I forgot to post that.

Christmas with Mimi

Christmas Eve we went to Mimi's house. We had yummy food, opened presents and went to the Christmas service at Church. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed being with family. The girls got some really cool presents. Thank you to everyone that gave them presents and thanks to Uncle Tim for making the very cool picnic table. Having Christmas with my mom, sister and brother has always been very special to me and it's even more special now that we all have a family of our own. I know Ryleigh always looks forward to going to Mimi's house, but I hope that family things like Christmas Eve will always be special to my kids too!

Christmas... A Wonderful Time of Year

Christmas was a blast at our house this year. Ryleigh was really into the whole Santa thing and couldn't wait for him to come. Luckily for us, she still doesn't understand to wake up at the crack of dawn to open presents. We had to wake her up at 8:00. We asked her if she wanted to go see if Santa had come back after she went to sleep and left her presents, when she woke up enough to realize what we were saying, she jumped right up. We had it all ready, lights on the tree on, cookies and milk eaten with crumbs left on the plate and some in the milk, leftover Reindeer food by the sliding glass door, stockings down and stuffed and presents filled under the tree. When she came downstairs she got excited and was so happy. The first thing she noticed was that her stocking was missing (not hanging up anymore) and asked where it was. I thought it was funny that she noticed that. She right away started opening up presents. Madison didn't know what was going on, she was just excited there were boxes, paper and toys everywhere. Ryleigh helped her open her presents. Ryleigh wanted to play with almost everything as she opened it, so it took awhile, but we enjoyed every second of it. They both love all their new toys and Ryleigh even loves all of her new clothes! The dollhouse is a big hit with both of them! Tom and I had opened our presents the day before to give Christmas morning to the girls, that is our gift anyway, to see the pure joy as they open up their presents. We had a turkey dinner early in the afternoon and Mimi joined us for that. She came over to see all the new toys and play with the girls. They always enjoy that. We ended the day with a wonderful nap and playing for the rest of the evening. We had a terrific Christmas!! Ryleigh wants to do it again!!

Santa's Visit

Santa made a quick trip by the Wilson house on Christmas Eve night. He wasn't a big hit at first. Ryleigh screamed and started crying and climbing up me like a spider monkey, it was really funny. I didn't think Madison would be afraid of him because she wasn't at the City Hall Christmas party, but I was wrong, she cried. I made her sit on his lap but she wasn't happy about it. After some time the crying stopped and the girls warmed up to him. He brought them a special gift (a little pony). Ryleigh talked to him, but stayed her distance. When he left, she did shake his hand, but she let out her nervous laugh when she did. This is the second year that Santa has made his special visit by to see the kids on Christmas Eve and I hope we see him next year and more years to come!

Stay tuned for pictures.... still looking for my cable~

Madison's words

I forgot some words that she can say when I was updating on the girls. She can also say... uh-oh, papa and boo.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mommy, I can't see, the door is shut!

Ryleigh remembers when I was pregnant with Madison and remembers when she was born. She was so sweet and so cute while I was pregnant with Madison and now that she is even older I look forward to watching her with this baby. She is hoping for a baby brother. She first said a baby sister, but then changed it to a baby brother. She calls the baby, 'baby boy'. Just as when I was pregnant with Madison she likes to talk to the baby and kiss my belly. I know that as my belly grows the more she will get into this. The other night we were laying in bed and she was talking to the baby through my belly button, just as she did with Madison. She looked into my belly button and said "Oh no Mommy, I cant see, the door is shut!" It was so darn cute and funny. She of course opened the door and then kissed the baby good night. The other night she told Tom and I that we had to take Madison back to the doctor. (in other words, take her back and leave her there for a new baby). It's so cute how they try understand all of this.

I am really looking foward to watching Ryleigh develop a relationship with the baby as the months go on. I have already explained to her that Madison and her will share her room and the new baby will take Madison's room. She has been talking about that, but thinks Madison should be in her room now. (It's not like Ryleigh actually sleeps in there, so I am not sure why she wants her in there now). She has also told me that she wants to hold the 'baby boy' and rock him and play with him. She wants to buy the baby new toys. These next few months are going to be so much and I think she will be anticipating the baby's birth as much as we will.

Life in the Wilson Household

So I have done a terrible job at keeping up this blog.... as you can see it has been 4 months since I last posted. A lot has happened in our home in those 4 months, so many wonderful memories that I should have shared on here, but just never found the time. I could write a book on the funny stories, especially the things that come from Ryleigh's mouth. I have a ton of pictures that I would really like to share. My Aunt Peggy said I needed to update this because she checks it..... so I can't go back 4 months and write all the funny and special moments or share the hundreds of pictures that i have taken, but I can update and then keep it updated....

Let's first start with the NEW EXCITING news from the Wilson household..... there will be another little Wilson baby sometime in August. I have an appointment on Jan 7 and I hope to be able to have an ultrasound to have a due date. I am feeling good so far, just super tired. WE are very excited and thrilled to have an addition to our family. Ryleigh is hoping for a baby brother.

On to Ryleigh.... Ryleigh will be 3 years old in about 2 weeks. I can not believe that she is already 3 years old. She has certaintly made these past three years special. She is loving daycare and her teacher Miss Loretta. She has a best friend there named Ragean, who she adores! Ryleigh is learning a lot at daycare... she knows her ABC's, can count up to 23, she knows all of her shapes, colors, same, opposite, big , little, etc... you know all those little things that one day make you say to yourself, "When did you get so smart?" She is learning a lot about Jesus and is growing up knowing who He is. She talks in perfect sentences and carries on a conversation like no 3 year old I have ever seen. She loves to talk and has become quite the story teller. She is a very loving child who loves to mother and take care of her baby sister. They play really well together and I can always count on Ryleigh to step up and help out with her. Ryleigh is really into playing with her babies and playing anything make-believe. She has more energy than I know what to do with and is such a clown. We are very proud of her and she amazes us everyday with how smart she is. She is growing like a weed and the taller she gets I think the skinnier she gets! She is adorable, everything about her is adorable. She is looking forward to Santa coming to town and we are looking forward to enjoying this Christmas with her.

Moving on to Madison..... Madison is already going to be ONE next month! Where has this year gone??? She is starting to take steps and each day seems to get a little more brave in what she does. The child can climb on anything and everything... and she does! She loves to dance to music, especially ELVIS! She has said a few words..... mama, mom, dada, up, ball and makes an attempt to say RyRy. She loves to play with toys, any toys.... she really gets into playing and will play really good by herself. She looks up to her big sister and loves for Ryleigh to hold her and carry her around. She is a very happy baby that lights up the room with her smile. Her and Ryleigh are great sisters and are probably going to grow up to be best friends. The birth of Madison brought even more joy to our lives this year and she has been a wonderful addition. She is a very special little girl.

I can't believe that my babies are going to 1 and 3 next month. They are so incredibly special to us and so loved. They have changed our world and each day they bring more happiness into that world.

I hope to be able to keep up this blog by sharing the special moments and the funny stories that make my days bright.... there is never a dull moment with those two. I will upload some pictures as soon as I find my cable! In the meantime, you can count on more updates!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Florida Vacation

Click for slideshow
I know this is a month late!! But most of you have probably already saw these on Facebook. We went to Panama City Beach for a short vacation (it wasn't long enough for us!!). On our way back we stayed in Tupelo MS and stopped by Elvis' Birthplace. We all had a blast. The girls really enjoyed themselves and loved the beach. They were so good too!!! We can't wait to go back and next time it will be longer!!!!!!

6 Months old

I can't believe I am already blogging about Madison turning 6 months old!!! She was 6 months almost 2 weeks ago. I can't keep up with this and facebook, so it's been awhile since I posted. She had her 6 month check up a week ago. She is doing great and growing like a weed. She is 25 inches and 14 lbs 10 oz. She had learned some new things this past month!! She finally mastered sitting, it took her a while, but within the last week she has started sitting for longer periods of time and sitting to play. She is trying so hard to crawl. She can get on her hands and knees. but she doesn't know what to do from there. She started saying "dada" and of course, daddy is so proud. I started her on solids about a month ago and she has done great with them. She was just getting solids at dinner, but this morning we started on breakfast. I have been giving her the puff snacks and she is great at feeding them to herself. I can't believe how fast she is growing. Below are some pictures ( I have shared so many on Facebook, I didn't want to repeat the same ones on here).

Monday, June 29, 2009

An evening stroll

Last night I put Madison in Ryleigh's baby doll stroller and Ryleigh pushed her around. It was really cute. Ryleigh had a blast doing it, we had to keep telling her to slow down though. And Madison didn't mind at all. I video taped some it, it was just too cute. Here are pictures of their evening stroll around the basement.

Sisters are the BEST!

Here are some recent pictures of them together that I wanted to share.

Oh the wonderful Ryleigh....

This little girl is the funniest little girl I have ever met!! She cracks me up!! She has the neatest and most comical personality ever!! And I don't know where she gets it! ;) She is doing wonderful as usual! She is doing really good with potty training and she has even pooped in the potty a few times. (this was an issue at first) She is still doing great at the new daycare and loves it. She is talking like crazy (sometimes I think she talks in a foreign language) but she is creating longer sentences and learning new words. Her newest is.... well, not a nice word. All weekend she walked around saying sh--. Yep, that's right and even in context. If she dropped something, she said "oh sh--!" If she tripped, broke something, couldn't open something, ran into something..... anything.... she said "sh--"! I heard her say it twice this morning just walking into the bathroom. I think she does things just so she can say it. Right now, we are just ignoring it and hoping she forgets the word. You can't help but laugh though! She is still the greatest big sister in the world and takes care of her baby sister and loves her so much! Ryleigh is growing into a little girl fast and she is a pretty amazing little girl too! here are a few picture of her.

She is still a baby at heart!

5 Months Old

Can you believe it??? Madison is 5 months old today! I sure can't believe it! She had a very eventful month, she learned and tried new things. She started sitting by herself a little bit. She hasn't really mastered it yet, still working on it. Her coo-ing is now babbling. She LOVES peoples faces, she is amazed by them. She loves to touch and stare at you. She can grab, hold and pick things up. She loves playing with her toys and in her excersaucer. She went swimming for the first time and loved it! She loves to splash the water. This month she also started baby food. At first, she wasn't so sure about it, but now she loves it! She recognizes her own name and will look for whoever is saying it. She is still in awe of her big sister. She is just growing so fast and is so amazing! She smiles and laughs all the time and her whole face just lights up when she does. Here are a few pictures taken recently.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First Swim

We went swimming yesterday at mom's house. The girls had a lot of fun. This was Madison's first time swimming and she loved it. She just sat back all relaxed in her boat and she wasn't afraid at all , not even when we took her out. She just smiled and seemed happy. Ryleigh had a really good time, she prefers to stay in her boat, but as the afternoon went on she got a little braver. She had a really good time and even tried out the arm floaters for the first time, she did great!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Tom had a good Father's Day (well he said he did and I hope he did). We didn't do a whole lot. We went to Garden Ridge for outside furniture and Tom got some clothes at Old Navy (BTW, they are having a great sale!). We had lunch at Chili's (so yummy!) and then took my dad some lunch at the field. After we got home, we set up the furniture and finished planting the flowers. The rest of the evening we just hung out and Tom and I watched a movie after the girls were asleep. It was a good day. Here are some pictures of the girls with Tom.

I can sit!!

Madison sat unassisted for the first time on Friday. As you can see she was sitting on my desk at work. She sat a few times over the weekend. She isn't that steady yet, but she can sit there for several seconds. She does what Aunt Sarah calls the "tripod sit"... she uses her hands to balance herself. She is just getting so big. I will probably cry the day she crawls! It goes by too fast after that!

Our new patio and play area

We finished the play area and patio. We think it turned out pretty good.

Ok, just a few more...