Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Deer hunting

We went up north over the weekend for deer season. We all had a good time. Daddy went hunting all day Saturday and some on Sunday. Ryleigh and I just hung out at camp with grammy, Aunt Sarah, Andrew and Ella. It was too cold to do much outside. We did go visit family on Saturday night. Ryleigh also shot her pink 22 gauge that papa had given her last year. This was her first time shooting it. Daddy helped her. She only shot it once, but she didn't cry or even move when the gun went off. We have pictures, so I will have to post them soon. Maybe next year she will shot it more.

Papa and Uncle Tim both got a buck. Ryleigh was not too thrilled about the deer hanging from the tree though.

Ryleigh is a real trooper

This is late posting, but here is the update on Ryleigh's ears.

She had tubes put in on Friday the 14th. She did GREAT!! We were so proud of her. They took us back to the room and had us put some yellow pj's on her and they hooked her up the blood pressure cuff and the monitors that go on her chest. I thought for sure she would cry, but she didn't. She sat on Grammy's lap as they hooked her all up and she just watched them. They got all of her vitals and the surgeon, nurses and the anesthetic team all came in and explained everything to us. The nurses carried her down to the operating room. I watched her as far I could see and she never once cried or panicked in any way, she just looked around. The procedure took about 10 minutes and the doctor came to tell us that she did wonderful. She never did cry, when they put the gas on her she fussed a little bit and played with the mask and then fell asleep. After a few minutes in recovery they brought her back to us. She was still really groggy, but wasn't crying and doing really good. After awhile she did start crying like they said she would and it lasted about 30-40 minutes. About half way home, she stopped crying and just sat there. Once we got home, it took her a few minutes to come around. She ate something and then just hung out while we packed the car for the weekend. She slept almost the entire way up north and did great all weekend. We were so very proud of her!!!!!

She did start running a fever again on Sunday, so Monday I took her to the doctor, but they couldn't find anything viral. They ran some blood work to check for anemia and any bacteria infection. The results came back normal. One of them did show some inflammation, but not enough to be concerned about a bacterial infection. Her doctor seems to think that once her body doesn't have to fight off constant ear infections that she will start feeling better.

All we have to do now is get her sleeping in her bed again!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Her first sentence

Ryleigh put her first sentence (that consisted of more than 2 words) together yesterday. She had brought me this big stuffed puppy that she has grown an attachment to. She handed me the puppy and then a diaper. So I put the diaper on the puppy and handed it back to her. A couple minutes later I saw her with her wipes and she was walking across the living room saying, "shew we" and she went to the trashcan. She then brought me the puppy without a diaper and handed me a new diaper. I asked her where the other one was so i could put that one on so that we were not wasting diapers. She looked at me and said, "No, Puppy poop." It was so cute!!!!!!

She is really starting talk and put words together. She can pretty much communicate everything through words. I just can't believe how fast she is growing.


This is just another update on the doctor's appointments, I sure feel like I have spent a lot of time at the doctor's office between Ryleigh and I.

I had my prenatal visit on Monday. Everything looks good. The baby's heartbeat was in the 150's. All of my blood work came back good. I have gained 21 pounds so far.... YIKES!!! I start going every 2 weeks now. I just can't believe how fast this is going by and I have nothing done! My next appointment is Nov 24.

Ryleigh is starting to feel better. She is no longer running a fever. She had a cold and a bad cough all last week. Then Friday, things really seemed to get bad. She started running a high fever and her chest and cough was getting really bad. By Sunday, she had ran a fever between 100 - 102.5 all weekend, so we took her to Urgent Care, where they said she had ANOTHER ear infection. Her lungs sounded really good though (which is what we were really concerned about). Her cold that she had last week settled in her ears really quick because we were at the ENT doctor on Thursday and her ears were completely clear. Anyway, she has been on antibiotics for 4 days now and she seems to be starting to feel better. Her cough still sounds bad, but her fever has been down since Monday and last night she finally slept a little bit better. We slept on the couch, but at least she stayed asleep for the most part.

She will have surgery to have her tubes put in on Friday (the 14th) at 8:10 am. I know it's just tubes, but it makes me tear up every time i think about it. Ryleigh will probably be a better sport about it than I will. The procedure will only take about 20 minutes once she is asleep and then once she is awake and doing good, we get to go home. I am praying that the tubes work and we can get her feeling better really soon!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008


We had our follow up ultrasound on Madison's kidney on Tuesday. The doctor called Wednesday morning to let us know that everything looks GREAT!! He said that the dilation of her left kidney has gone down and that the other one still looks great. The doctor seemed very confident 2 months ago that it probably wasn't an issue, but it sure feels good to hear that everything looks good now. She weighed about 2 1/2 pounds!! I did my glucose test yesterday, which is always fun. ;) I have a regular scheduled appointment Monday, Nov. 10. And then I start going every 2 weeks. Little Madison is going to be here before we know it.

Ryleigh saw the ENT specialist yesterday. I liked him and he was good with Ryleigh. Other than the temper tantrums that she let lose in the waiting room, she was a real sport in the doctor's office. She didn't cry or throw one fit. She sat very still for the doctor and talked up a storm to him. We have her scheduled to have the tubes put in on Friday, November 14. They are suppose to call next week to let us know what time and our instructions as to what we are do to. She is having it done St. John's in Washington. We are really hoping that the tubes work and she starts feeling much better. She has been sick with so many ear infections over the last few months. She is fighting a cold right now and so hopefully we get these tubes in before it turns into an ear infection. We will let everyone know how it all goes.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Friday night the church had their Trunk or Treat for Halloween. We (me, mom and Sarah) did a Princess theme. We decorated the back my Expedition to look like a castle. It turned out really cute. Ryleigh dressed up like Cinderella, I was a married Cinderella, Aunt Sarah was Snow White, Andrew was Prince Charming, Gabriella was Tinker Bell, Grammy was a Princess and Devan was Sleeping Beauty. Ryleigh and Andrew had a lot of fun together and they looked adorable. The church had a good turn out. Ryleigh wasn't as afraid as I thought she would be. She DID NOT like Aunt Christa's costume at all!! She was dressed as a chicken and you couldn't see her face at all, Ryleigh and Andrew were both very afraid of her. There was only one other person that she noticed and scared her, it was a boy with an ugly, bloody mask on. Other than that, she did great. She had a lot of fun. Grammy took her trick or treating and took her to play in the corn pit. She was exhausted by the end of the night!!! And so was mommy!!! Standing for that long being 7 months pregnant is a lot of work!! ;) Also, dressing like a Princess Bride at 7 months pregnant will get you a lot of stares!! I don't why, but everyone stared at my belly all night.

Below you can click on the picture for a slide show. There are a lot of pictures of the adorable Prince Charming and Cinderella. Ryleigh had a really hard time keeping her dress on so it looks like she was trying to be sexy Cinderella.

Click for Slide Show