Monday, June 23, 2008

Ryleigh's new words

Ryleigh has two new words..... night-night (actually it sounds like nigh-nigh) and mine. I think daddy taught her to say mine!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ryleigh got to see her baby brother or sister!

We had our first ultrasound on June 18(that is also our 3 year wedding anniversary!). Everything looked wonderful. The heartrate was 174. The baby measured about a week behind where they thought I was, so they changed my due date from January 25 to Feb. 2. However, I do not believe that due date is very accurate, it's too late considering all that plays a role in this. So I am just going to stick with what I calculated, Jan 30 , and the doctor can stick with whatever he wants!! LOL! Anyway, little baby Wilson looks great and he/she will be here sometime at the end of Jan/beginning of Feb.

Monday, June 9, 2008

1st Doctor visit

We had our first prenatal visit on June 4. They just did the usual blood work and exams. We get to go back on June 18 for an ultrasound. They kept the same due date they gave me before, Jan 25. Which makes me 7 weeks 1 day pregnant today!!!! Everything is going good. The morning sickness seems to have went away for the most part. Atleast it's not bad and it's not all day like it was. I just have moments here and there. I am very excited and really looking forward to doing this whole pregnancy thing again!!!!!!!!! I loved being pregnant with Ryleigh and I know I will with this one too. We will keep you updated next week on our ultrasound.