Monday, March 29, 2010

Madison the climber

We spend a lot of time downstairs, our family room and playroom are both down there. But we also spend a lot of time going back and forth from upstairs to downstairs. Madison has been able to go up the step by herself for awhile, but we hadn't really showed her how to go down the steps just yet. And really she had never tried... that was until Wednesday. Wednesday evening I ran downstairs to grab the laundry, leaving the girls upstairs playing. Suddenly the girls show up down there too. I looked at Madison and said "How in the world did you get down here?" Ryleigh said, "She did it herself!" So we went upstairs and I waited to see how she did it. And sure enough she could do it... she crawls/slides down backwards on her belly. She is pretty good at it too!! I couldn't believe it, she didn't need any practice, just one day started doing it. She is getting so big!! As much as I dint want her to be that big yet, it's kind of nice that she can (she doesn't always want to) get up and down the steps all by herself. It can be hard on the "pregnant breathing" carrying kids up the stairs!

The "Mustbeard"

The other night Ryleigh and I were watching Spongebob. Spongebob put on a fake moustache and Ryleigh thought it was hilarious. She says, "Mommy look, he has a mustbeard!" It was so funny! I had to text Sarah to share it with someone! Then last night, her and Madison were in the tub and I hear Ryleigh say, "Madison, look, I have a mustbeard." It is so funny to hear some of the words that she comes up with!

The "New" Me (Well the new me in progress)

All of the posts on here are usually about the kids, but this one is about me....

So. most of you who know me well, know that from the day I was born I have been an unorganized person. It's always seemed to work for me, I never had any complaints about it. Although, I am sure others in my life have. But since becoming mother, I have realized that maybe it isn't so great to be unorganized. And I come to realize that the organization skills that some of us possess is in our DNA. Some of us are born natural organizers, some of us can be but usually have to work at it, and well, some of us just don't have a tiny speck of it in our DNA.... that would be me!!! Trust me, there have been times in my life that I made an effort (maybe not a big one, but I made it). With each kid that I have, I realize how much easier my life would be with a little organization in it. Shortly after finding out that we were having a 3rd child, I panicked and thought, I have to get myself organized if I want to stay sane!!! Well, with 5 months to go until baby Presley makes her appearance, I decided to get serious about this. At first, it was a struggle and I couldn't stay consistent with it. Some of you are probably thinking, what is so hard about this. Well, like I said before it's just not in my DNA and I have spent the last 30 years not being organized. It's tough to change old habits! I envy those mom's who seem to have it all together. They are always on time, their kids always have the stuff they need, they are not running through the house trying to gather everything they need to get their kids out the door for the day, they have all these neat ideas for keeping things organized... you know just those mom's who seem to "have it all together"! Those are the mom's that I look at and think, I want to be that mom!! I realized that my kids are loved unconditionally and properly taken care with an unorganized to mom. And at this point in their lives they don't know the difference. But my life would be so much better and not feel so hectic and my kids wouldn't feel my frustration either. And if I start now, hopefully this can be a character trait that they will be able to possess in their life, because we all know it wasn't something I was blessed with. So, this is a new beginning for me... I am going to be that "all together mom"!! I started with the small things.... like getting the girls' clothes organized. When I don't have time or feel like completing the laundry, I just fold the girl's clothes in a laundry basket and go on. Well, this became a very bad habit and it was driving me crazy!! I couldn't find their clothes half the time or matching socks. I was wasting so much time digging through clothes and it was frustrating me. So Friday, I spent all afternoon and evening going through clothes. I hung up or folded and put away all of their clothes, including their summer and spring stuff. I packed away all their clothes they are no longer wearing. I made sure all the socks were matched and put away, all the shoes were put away and all of their blankets organized in a basket in the closet. It felt good when I was done and I felt like I had accomplished something. I have been making an effort and hope to make it a nightly routine, to make sure their clothes are laid out for the next morning.... everything, from diaper/underwear to shoes and socks to the their jackets. This is helpful for Ryleigh too. She now dresses herself and knows where her clothes are and can grab them and get dressed. I make sure that all bags and anything else that has to leave with us the next morning is ready go before I go to bed. It's amazing how much easier it makes my morning. I realize I have a long way to go, but that certainly is a start to staying sane in the mornings!! And my kid's wont go back to keeping their wardrobe in a laundry basket. I worked all weekend on the laundry and making sure as it came out of the dryer it was put away... I am almost completely done! It's a great feeling! My next step, getting my butt out of bed and to work on time!! this morning I was doing good.... then I decided to do some laundry since I was getting ready earlier than usual, then I stopped for gas and let Ryleigh go in for a donut. I was still at work earlier than usual, but this is my next step! I will be that mom who has it all together and doesn't look or feel like I am about to fall apart at any second!!!!!! And as I said before, this isn't easy when you spent 30 years not really caring if you were an organized person or not..... so this is to a "new" and better me!!!! The organized and all together mom that I envy so much... that will be me!! It may take me the next 5 months it get to down and make it part of my life, but I will be that mom!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ryleigh's view on her new baby sister

So Ryleigh started out wanting a baby boy, that didn't last long and she changed her mind and wanted a baby sister. In fact, one day I asked her about it and she pointed to Madison and said "I want a baby sister just like her!" I thought that maybe she would flip flop between wanting a brother or a sister... but there pretty much wasn't any other option but a baby sister. At the beginning we had to convince her that we don't have to return Madison, we get to keep her and we get another one. Daddy wanted a baby boy, so Ryleigh thought we would get one of each... "A baby boy for daddy and a baby girl for me" is what she would say. So we had to convince her that there was just one baby and it was going to be either a boy or a girl. And she would always argue that it is a girl. Now that we have had our ultrasound and it is a girl, we no longer have to even talk about a boy and we have finally convinced Ryleigh there will be only one baby. So this is how our conversation went the morning after finding out....

ME "Ryleigh, are you excited to be having another baby sister?" RY "Yes! It's a baby girl, not a baby boy!" ME "Yes, it's a girl. We are going to name her Presley." RY "No, Madi is Presley." ME "No Madi is Madison and the new baby is Presley." RY "No, she is Madi Presley." ME "Ok, whatever you say." I look at Madison and said "Madison, are you excited about having a baby sister?" Ry speaks up and says "Madison don't get one!" ME "Oh, Madison doesnt get a baby sister?" RY "No because we only get one and i get her!"

So that's that!! We get her to understand there is only one baby and now there is no sharing her!!!!! Love that girl!! She is really excited though! And touches my belly and kisses it everyday!!! I can't wait for her to be able to feel that baby kick and move. She could now because the kicks are strong enough, but she won't keep her hand there long enough.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's another baby girl for the Wilson's!

Yesterday we had our ultrasound and found out that it's another GIRL for us!!! It's kind of crazy that we don't have a boy in there somewhere, but that is ok. It would have been nice to have a boy and I was hoping for a boy more than I thought, But 3 little girls will be awesome!! I love having little girls!

I have my follow up appointment in a couple of weeks. But everything looked ok. She was measuring 9 oz.

Ryleigh is very excited of course!!