Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ryleigh's view on her new baby sister

So Ryleigh started out wanting a baby boy, that didn't last long and she changed her mind and wanted a baby sister. In fact, one day I asked her about it and she pointed to Madison and said "I want a baby sister just like her!" I thought that maybe she would flip flop between wanting a brother or a sister... but there pretty much wasn't any other option but a baby sister. At the beginning we had to convince her that we don't have to return Madison, we get to keep her and we get another one. Daddy wanted a baby boy, so Ryleigh thought we would get one of each... "A baby boy for daddy and a baby girl for me" is what she would say. So we had to convince her that there was just one baby and it was going to be either a boy or a girl. And she would always argue that it is a girl. Now that we have had our ultrasound and it is a girl, we no longer have to even talk about a boy and we have finally convinced Ryleigh there will be only one baby. So this is how our conversation went the morning after finding out....

ME "Ryleigh, are you excited to be having another baby sister?" RY "Yes! It's a baby girl, not a baby boy!" ME "Yes, it's a girl. We are going to name her Presley." RY "No, Madi is Presley." ME "No Madi is Madison and the new baby is Presley." RY "No, she is Madi Presley." ME "Ok, whatever you say." I look at Madison and said "Madison, are you excited about having a baby sister?" Ry speaks up and says "Madison don't get one!" ME "Oh, Madison doesnt get a baby sister?" RY "No because we only get one and i get her!"

So that's that!! We get her to understand there is only one baby and now there is no sharing her!!!!! Love that girl!! She is really excited though! And touches my belly and kisses it everyday!!! I can't wait for her to be able to feel that baby kick and move. She could now because the kicks are strong enough, but she won't keep her hand there long enough.

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