Monday, March 29, 2010

Madison the climber

We spend a lot of time downstairs, our family room and playroom are both down there. But we also spend a lot of time going back and forth from upstairs to downstairs. Madison has been able to go up the step by herself for awhile, but we hadn't really showed her how to go down the steps just yet. And really she had never tried... that was until Wednesday. Wednesday evening I ran downstairs to grab the laundry, leaving the girls upstairs playing. Suddenly the girls show up down there too. I looked at Madison and said "How in the world did you get down here?" Ryleigh said, "She did it herself!" So we went upstairs and I waited to see how she did it. And sure enough she could do it... she crawls/slides down backwards on her belly. She is pretty good at it too!! I couldn't believe it, she didn't need any practice, just one day started doing it. She is getting so big!! As much as I dint want her to be that big yet, it's kind of nice that she can (she doesn't always want to) get up and down the steps all by herself. It can be hard on the "pregnant breathing" carrying kids up the stairs!

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