Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Madison's Favorite

I answered these for Madison (with Ryleigh's help)

Color: Well I put her in a lot of pink and purple
Food: Mac n cheese
Fruit: banana
Vegetable: Peas
Breakfast Food: Chocolate chip pancakes
Drink: Apple Juice
TV Show: Dora
Movie: All she ever watches is Dora and Mickey Mouse
Book: Not really into books just yet
Toy: Baby
Shirt: She will wear whatever I put on her
Ice Cream: Chocolate I am sure
Cookie: Sandwhich cream cookies
Snack: Chips or crackers
Season: summer since she loves it outside
Animal: Dog
Stuffed Animal: Any of them... she is getting to where she loves to sleep and cuddle with them.
Singer: Elvis
Thing to do outside: Play, she would live outside if we let her
Sport: Well the only sport that goes on in this house is Nascar
Thing to do with Mommy: Cuddle :)
Thing to do with Daddy: Play and dance to Elvis

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