Friday, May 14, 2010

Daddy Update

I thought I would update on the whole gang since I know a few of you that read this do not have Facebook.

Daddy is doing terrific! He was offered a new job a few weeks ago. After much consideration, he decided to take the offer. He was offered the General Manager position at a new dealership that was opening up in Festus, Blackwell Motors. The guy who owns this dealership also owns two others. Tom took everything into consideration when making the decision and decided that the opportunity that this position held was too good to pass up. He has spent the last couple of weeks getting the dealership open, from scratch. Today was there first official day open as business. He hasn't made it home yet, but I am hoping (even with the crappy weather) that the first day went good for him!! We are very proud of him and he has worked hard these last couple of weeks and we know he will continue to do great at his new job. Stayed tuned for further updatews as he gets the dealership going.

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