Monday, May 17, 2010

Miss Madison - A.K.A The Monkey

Madison is almost 16 months old. It's crazy how fast the girls are growing. She recently had her 15 month check up and was 19 lbs 10 oz and 29 inches. She is doing well and moving right along. I believe that she has hit all the major gross motor milestones that she will hit. The kid can climb on anything and everything, I mean everything!! She is such a monkey! She nearly gives her daddy a heartache though. She is learning so much and thanks to having a big sister learning some things really quick. Her vocabulary is getting much better and while she can't say a whole lot of words real clear, she can communicate really well. She is starting to put words together and form phrases... for example, she will say; "I got it" "Hi___ (insert mama, dada, ryry)" I done mommy" "Bye-Bye___ (insert a name). Those are the main ones but she will say things just out of the blue and usually just once or twice. Once she said "where daddy go". She tries to put words into sentences, but we can't always make out what she is saying. Her list of words that can she say is growing.... mama/mommy, dada/daddy, ryry, sissy, baby, ball, hi, bye, phone (but sounds like bone), juice, shoes, Ellie (our dog), banana (but you really have to know what she is saying), mine (her favorite word), mimi, papa, her newest that we heard her say tonight was Jimmy (Tom's friend that is staying with us). Then she has the words that hear once or twice and then never again. She is quiet the talker though and always acts like whatever she is telling you is very important. She is learning how to use crayons and other writing utensils. She loves her stuffed animals and babies. She mimics Ryleigh and tries to do everything she does, it's so cute. She picks up on things so quick, it's impressive! She likes to help put away the dishes and knows exactly where the silverware goes. She is starting to understand little things like throwing things in the trash, brushing her hair, putting toys away, etc. She can follow simple instructions.... like get a diaper if I ask her to, or her shoes, throw something away or get a certain toy.

She is the mean one though!! The kid has a temper on her and is so rough and tough. She has recently learned that she can scream when she isn't mad or crying and she insists on doing it all the time. And now that she has figured out how to really scream, her tantrums are even worse!! She is very headstrong and determined and doesn't give up until she gets her way or at least is able to push Ryleigh around for a little while. But she also has a very sweet side to her that I believe came from having a big sister who comforts and loves her all the time. She does a lot of same things as Ryleigh does to her and it's so cute. She adores her big sister and looks up to her!! I love the relationship that they have!

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